What Is Prefabricated Trimless Drywall?

A system revolutionizing the way drywall can be installed.

Creating efficiencies while increasing quality is a focus on every job for SDI. Prefabricated drywall is a revolutionary system that makes creating intricate shapes and assemblies from drywall less labor intensive while producing a higher quality product.

Prefabricated drywall pieces are created using a panel machine and customized for almost any project. The pieces are prefabricated off-site and then delivered to the project for installation on pre-assembled stud framing. joinUpon installation, there is minimal taping, sanding, and finishing required, and the need for costly labour intensive corner beadwork and joint work is minimized. Joints and corners are already complete with pre-fabricated sections allowing the installation process to go quicker. This significantly reduces the work that goes into creating corners and joints in tight and hard to reach spaces.

Projects that require a lot of manual cutting or that have complex curves have always been cumbersome and time consuming. Now, even the most challenging assemblies can be completed more efficiently with:

Increased overall quality: Shapes are fabricated in our facility in an open staging area that allows for quality control. Joints are finished with a reduced amount of mud creating a cleaner finish as pre-formed corners and unbroken paper faces eliminate finishing defects. This process creates a perfectly formed product set to specifications with sharp and crisp angles - eliminating the need for sanding and patching of wall angle gaps at flared corners.

Custom-designed for each project: Prefabrications are designed using specifications created at the site. Products can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes including soffits, column covers, curtain pockets, and curvatures. The panels machine also allows for Intricate detailing to be applied for specialty pieces. 

Less finishing and on-site labor; Fewer materials with less waste: Using prefabricated drywall can reduce labor time by up to 70% with installation being dramatically reduced by installing finished profiles. By eliminating corner bead, there are savings on corner trim, compound, and finishing time. Shapes are fabricated in an SDI off-site location. This reduces on-site personnel congestion, waste production from drywall scrap, and taping labor. It also decreases time for installation and finishing, making the project ready for paint earlier.

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